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Kambo Treatment


When it comes to thinking about experiencing "Kambo" I ask you to dig deep and muster all the strength of your inner warrior! It is not an easy experience, but sacrifice in this case comes with a definite pay off. I often say with Kambo that "vulnerability is your ultimate strength" Below I have detailed some informative information about Kambo so that you can approach the spirit of this amphibian medicine completely informed. If you want to talk more in detail about the experience I am always available to take your calls.



“Kambo” refers to the ancient, traditional Shamanic process of using frog venom to detoxify and strengthen the body and mind. The venom comes from the Giant Monkey Frog also called Phyllomedusa Bicolor, a native of the northwest Amazon rainforest. For centuries, the tribes living in the area have held this frog in high regard, using its secretions in rituals and ceremonies to boost agility and strength and as an integral part of their "hunting" magic. While the frog is "super cute", it also packs quite the serious punch in the venomous wax secreted from its back which functions as its primary defense against predators. Hidden within it's defense function runs a deeply medicinal effect.


Small burns are made superficially on the surface of the skin using a small wooden stick, after which the venom is applied. The venom contains a complex variety of peptides that have shown positive effects across the entire human matrix. It initiates a purge of toxins, and the removal of ‘panema’, or bad luck, from the body. The Katukina and Matses tribes use Kambo for a whole range of reasons, from preventing illnesses, to helping them gain the strength they need and even for attracting that potential mate. Its amazing to see the potential of these indigenous technologies when they are applied to our lives in Western culture.


How Kambo Can Help You

Scientific studies into the venom of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor has shown that it is made up of multiple beneficial peptides with enormous medicinal and psychological benefits. Some of those peptides help to boost the immune system and clear the body of negative pathogenic organisms, giving it an antibiotic effect. Kambo is also traditionally used to boost eyesight and as a pain relief medication. Sapo peptides, as found in Kambo, are currently being researched as a solution to a whole host of illnesses and disorders, from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders, to depression and headaches, to even cancer and AIDS. As you can see, then, the potential benefits of Kambo are enormous, and this practice looks set to become even more widespread in the future.                           


One things that isn’t in any doubt is that Kambo is a highly effective pain reliever. Several of the peptides that it’s made up of are opiod like peptides, which actually bind themselves to cells to provide pain relief. Dermorphin and deltorphin, the opioids found in Kambo are over 4000 times more effective than morphine, meaning those suffering from chronic pain could benefit hugely from Kambo treatments.

In our modern lives there is a lot of stress, and we are often overly connected to the electronic world around us. For some of us this can cause static like feelings, where life may feel a bit overwhelming, this is where continued Kambo treatments have shown excellent improvement to overall wellbeing. Restoring the balance, and enabling us to practice better self care. 


When to use Kambo

When I spent time with tribes in Peru, I learned about the concept of “panema”. This is the negative or clouded energy within and around us that can occur when we dont give the due process to the challenges we face in life , its important that we regularly cleanse and move this energy out in order for us to live our lives to their fullest brilliancy, thereby instilling optimal health. If you have recently been through a traumatic life experience or a powerful growth cycle Kambo can be key to helping the emotional processing along while at the same time addressing any residual effects that the stress of that experience may have left in your body. Grief and shame are two of the primary emotions that don't often get their due process, and they tend to sit within us stifling our potential, Kambo helps with releasing those emotional energies so that we can move forward.  


 In the Lead Up to Your Kambo Cleanse…

In the days leading up to your Kambo cleanse, you should try to eat as healthily as possible, so that your body is fully prepared for what is to come, and will take the maximum benefit from the Kambo. However, it’s important not to eat in the 12 hours leading up to the cleanse. You have options when it comes to scheduling your treatment, either a morning or evening treatment. Sometimes clients like to work the Kambo into their work week. For your first treatment I advise you do a morning treatment with the rest of the day available for gentle rested time with yourself. After your first treatment you will have a better idea of how you respond to the Kambo, and this will help us in planning your future treatments.


During your cleanse, it’s especially helpful to focus on your breathing, and completely give in to the effects of the Kambo. That way, you will be letting go of all the toxins in your body, and become more in tune with your inner self. We will have a phone conversation the day before your treatment to go over any last minute details. 

Please avoid alcohol, cannabis and coffee the day before and of your treatment.


Your Kambo Experience- A User’s Guide

When Kambo is applied, a small stick is heated, and then used to make very slight burns on the skin, which the Kambo is placed on. This allows it to be absorbed directly and safely into the body, and brings the biggest benefits. Kambo is what we in the business refer to as an “ordeal medicine”- the process can be something of a struggle, but the benefits are well worth it. As the Kambo starts to purge the toxins from your body, you will likely start to feel nauseous, and will soon start to vomit and evacuate your bowels. However, the effects are not all unpleasant. Many people report a sense of inner warmth as the Kambo is applied to their skin, and as their blood pressure begins to fall, they start to relax and let go of their tensions. It helps to focus on your breathing, to get a better connection with your body during this important time. Your throat may start to feel a little tighter, but don’t worry, this is perfectly normal- it won’t swell shut. A few minutes after the application, you should start to feel the need to purge- I will be there throughout your experience to guide you through this, so you have nothing to worry about. Once your purge has been completed, the Kambo will be removed, and the process will be all done. It’s common to feel a sense of inner peace immediately after the cleanse, which increases in the days that follow as your body starts to benefit from its new, detoxified state.  



There are a few precautions to bear in mind before booking a Kambo treatment. For medical reasons, it should not be applied to anyone with a heart condition, pregnant or breastfeeding women, elderly people, those undergoing chemotherapy, or with high or low blood pressure.


My Training

When I visited Peru in 2006, I training in the art of Kambo with the Matses tribespeople. I followed this up with many years of extensive practice. I’ve learned a lot over the past decade, and in that time, I’ve refined my process to the point where I can offer you the most effective yet gentle Kambo experience possible. When you come to me for Kambo, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.


The Spiritual Power of Kambo

According to the shamanic approach, plants and animal spirits have much to teach us- I believe that’s true even in Western society. Through the use of Kambo, you are tapping into the spirit of the Giant Monkey Frog, a creature that has the power of immunity from all sorts of predators that would otherwise devour it. While we might not be under such an immediate threat from predators, there are other predatory energies that seek to bring us down both mentally and physically. By absorbing the power of Kambo, we are able to fight off those energies, and live life to the full. The tribes of the Amazon have known of this power for countless generations- now it’s time to bring that knowledge to the masses, and completely transform the way we live our lives.

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