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The War on Kratom

Its just appalling to me that the DEA has now set out to make Kratom a schedule 1 drug. The last time this occurred it was with GHB, which they also scheduled to 1 and then a couple years later it resurfaced as big pharma drug Xyrem, this is the actual statement from Xyrems sight:

"XYREM is a Schedule III controlled substance. The active ingredient of XYREM, sodium oxybate or gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), is a Schedule I controlled substance"

What a fuckin joke the DEA is, and the above statement just reinforces that. So its a schedule 3 containing a schedule 1???!?!, and for those that don't know schedule 1 is drugs listed as having no known medical value. This is same category where you find cannabis, no known medical value my ass.

The blatant lies are just getting to be too much. The system is so corrupt and these criminals known as the DEA are grasping at straws trying to hold onto their jobs because it has become so apparent the epic failure of the war on drugs.

My question is, how many more lives have to be lost? Kratom is so much safer than most the shit on the streets, and people have begun to even overdose and die from smoking fentanyl analogs. To me Kratom embodies the only way of dealing with drugs that has proven helpful which is Harm Reduction.

As the prohibitionist hammer came down upon big pharma and the doctors pushing their opiates many people turned towards Kratom as a safe alternative to the prescription narcotics that had become reliant on.

I am part of a group on facebook where everyday people comment about the improved quality of life they now have since they started using Kratom.

What you can do is click on this link here and sign the petition to stop Kratom from being scheduled. When Alabama recently banned Kratom and scheduled it to 1 there was an increase in opiate related deaths. Lets make sure that doesn't happen nationally.

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