Mercury Retrograde

*sigh* its that time again. When the planet mercury goes retrograde, and begins to wreak havoc in many aspects of our lives. This time its hitting like no other, and the people who want to tell me I read into it, or that it's magical thinking, they can suck my D.

The thing is I am not the type of person that reads into shit, I am a very scientifically based individual and I even like my fluffy hippy shit to have science to back it up. If i had the time and energy right now I would go ahead and check the data to see if I can find an increased correlation between world events and mercury retrograde, but right now I don't have the time, maybe I will write a post after the retrograde storm that is currently encompassing my life.

Regardless if its the planetary energy that causes our brain circuits to miss fire or maybe its simply the increasing belief in mercury retrograde thanks to more social media and main news circle discussing the phenomenon, I mean I fully believe in our capacity for manifestation.

Either way its here to stay, so we make the best of it right???

When things are all screwy just laugh it off, and remember the beauty of impermanence. Everything changes and evolves and are carried along right with it.

I compiled some helpful data below

This Mercury Retrograde here are some important dates to be mindful of and the possible effects..

"August 30th/31st – Mercury is stationary and slowly starts to appear as if it is moving backwards. Many people experience the more typical retrograde complications during this period. Avoid taking on any major mental tasks during this time. It is best to take it easy mentally and possibly even meditate to help you tune in to this shift in energy.

September 2nd/3rd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Some people may be overwhelmed with so many things to do, yet this can be a good time to learn any lessons, skills, or techniques on efficiency, organization, productivity, and health.

September 10th/11th – Mercury is opposite Chiron while Saturn is in a final square with Neptune, and Venus is square Pluto. Our blocks and tensions can really surface at this time and we may need to face reality head on. This can be an intense time for relationships. In some cases, this can also be a powerful time for putting in hard work and effort towards creative and spiritual endeavours, especially if they were initiated before this retrograde period.

September 12th/13th – Mercury conjunct the Sun in a tough square with Mars. This is the most significant period of the retrograde. It can be a very insightful time but also has the potential to be chaotic as well. We may feel scattered in how we are asserting ourselves and be easily angered when things aren’t going right. Considering Mars is in Sagittarius, some people may find themselves in debates or conflicts over beliefs. However it goes for you, pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you.

September 16th/17th – Lunar Eclipse in Pisces conjunct Chiron, in a wide opposition to Mercury. The effects of this eclipse started in the month prior and will largely influence the months following. Lunar Eclipses are a time when something changes — in many cases a significant ending. With Chiron involved, there is a potential here to let go of certain blocks and overcome inadequacies that have been hindering how effective, organized, and healthy we need to be at this time in our lives. There is a strong connection between this date and what has occurred on September 10th/11th. Chiron also shows potential for us to tap into our gifts better.

September 19th-25th – Mercury is trine Pluto in Capricorn when the retrograde is finishing and Mercury starts moving forward. This can be a great time for deep thoughts, insights, and/or powerful conversations. Some people may experience a positive development around money and/or something work/career related. Mercury retrograde ends on September 22nd/23rd and at this time, as well as the week following, we start to understand how we need proceed with everything we’ve experienced."

-Carmen Di Luccio,

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