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Intention is Everything

I had wrote this blog post several years ago, and it rings true to this day. This conversation I was having about cannabis at the time of this original writing, is now often found being discussed at my Psychedelic Recovery meetings. Google Cannabis Addiction and you can see it playing out in the mainstream as well. I think this expands beyond cannabis as well, especially in times of distress, we see people more often than not reaching for an external source to navigate the bumpy road that can be our emotions. “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good intentions” I think that quote is always worth a consideration. Intention without insight, or maybe better said Intention without a place of grounding/ centeredness can still send up spinning out. Lets face it, we don’t always have our own or collective best interests in mind. I have witnessed with Cannabis specifically this Amplification I wrote about below, being truly weaponize, and utilized to amplify FEAR. The same cannabis community that was a ride or die proponent of liberty, freedom, and the right to do what we want with our bodies suddenly becoming the unwitting proponents of big pharma and government control, I think this saturating/amplifying effect of cannabis played a major roll in this broad effect. My freedom/ sovereignty focused community tends to be those discussing and analyzing their relationship with Cannabis, and recognizing the potential pitfalls with this lovely plant. You can sure see that we live in a time of weaponization of everything when even the plants are being utilized. Unfortunately this can also be applied to psychedelics in general, in this case it is that weaponization of idealism, connectivity, empathy and serving up and reinforcing false platitudes. I’ll go deeper into that is a future post.

original post:

Over the last few months I have drastically altered my relationship with cannabis, and in doing so I have tapped into some pretty phenomenal energy that had become stifled, a certain level of complacency had creeped into my life.


It's interesting with weed because its effects though subtle may have a larger impact on our life as a whole. Cannabis has what I would call an "amplifying nature" This ability to amplify our experience has both positive and negative ramifications. Cannabis is definitely a medicinal plant, there is no doubt there, but like all medicines there are side effects, lucky for us for the most part it's positive attributes outweigh the negative ones, still this is the reason I want to have this open dialogue about all of the effects cannabis has in our lives , even the effects that are subtle tend to run really deep, as that is the nature of this plant, this is seen in its lipophilic or fat loving characteristic which makes it settle and stick in our bodies for quite some time, physically, socially and psychologically as well.


And like the way it sticks around in our bodies, it is also here to stay as an integral part of our culture and that is why I think it's so important we examine intentional use of this plant of the crossroads , that guards the gates of perception and opens the door so that we may shift our view of the world around us. At one point in my life a few years ago, I began to ask myself "what do I have faith in?" And upon examination of my life I realized the answer was "plants" From the organic produce I eat, to the ashwaganda that keeps my stress at bay, the cannabis with its amplifying abilities to shine the light on a brilliant day, to the ayahuasca and ibogaine that renews my soul as I journey forth in the world, to all of these allies I give my eternal thanks.