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Apocalyptic Resonance

We live in an age of revelations. Many things that have gone unseen and unknown have made their way to the surface. The word "Apocalypse" literally means to reveal. You've noticed this right, everything seems inverted, but truthfully is it inverted OR is it just revealing its true nature. Having completely broken down all my world views over the last several years, and really come to a place of seeing my own participation in the lies, even if I was not aware of it at the time. I am now.

What is this experience when we fully check ourselves and surrender our ego attachments. Maybe it is a welcome apocalypse, maybe it is what was truly needed, and on a widespread collective scale.

We live in EPIC times, its like we have reached the crescendo, and who even knows what really happens next.

Ultimately this time comes down to community, if there is anything we learned over the past couple years, we have learned the importance of "finding the others" Not in this contrived platitude driven sense, but in this way that we have come to the realization that the folks we connect with now and build life long relationships, well those are the folks that you related with on a soul level and there has never been a time like this where all the bs is dropped aside, the stripping away of almost everything to reveal those core values that we share in common.

Finding this common ground together we have the opportunity to plant the seeds of resilience and strength. In that, we can endure whatever comes our way.

Here's to our future, together.

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