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It’s an interesting time for our community, as the masks and the mandates drop away, I think it tends to create a false sense that things will return to normal. People start shopping at places they were not welcome in previously, eat at restaurants that medically discriminated against them, and start to integrate back into these aspects of the popular culture that just several months ago were at best unwelcoming, and at worst full of hatred.

I don’t think this is necessarily the case throughout the freedom community, possibly it’s a small minority of people. I myself wasn’t too involved with the popular culture to begin with, i feel grateful that my life path allowed me that freedom, plus for so long the popular culture has just outright sucked, becoming very contrived. The metaphor of the matrix seems very applicable here, in so many ways. The difference being we of the freedom/sovereignty mindset get to enjoy the good grass fed, small farm steak, while those inside that contrived virtue signaling world of the matrix will be eating lab grown meat, probably derived from fetal cell lines or some shit like that. I have felt like there is less of a closeness lately, in the community and personally, it feels like some distance has developed in general. I’m sure there are a multitude of factors that contribute to this, we are in one of the most potent powerful times in regard to transformation, change is running at an exponential rate these days, maybe space and distance is just a natural part of that process. I also think maybe the unification that occurred, fueled by estrangement and being outcast by society/families really brought together people from all different walks of life, people that perhaps their paths would never have crossed just a couple years ago. It seems the broader freedom community is settling into sub groups, where the people that relate more on other interests outside of the initial core values that brought us together. I do hope we can keep this broader community better connected still, as i think there is strength in that, especially as we go up against this new world order/transhumanist/surveillance agenda that is being rolled out.

remember to Love thy neighbor, especially when they are willing to stand up for natural law, and resist the tearing away of the fabric of humanity.

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