Patterns on repeat.

We find ourselves in the era of idealogical narratives. The newest narrative to compound the collective mind is the “I stand with Ukraine“ aka Russia bad. People seemed primed for this, especially those that had already ascribed to the Russian hysteria narrative around Trump. Basically those that had commiserated in their hatred of Trump with the MSM/Big Tech from 2016-2020( although the commiseration continues on) had already been bought in hook, line and sinker, no surprise they are the same folks now beating the drums of War. Oddly these are the people in the past that recognized the business of War, and opposed it! Oh the power of idealogical hijacking! I do feel grateful that most in my community that have come to recognize the patterns, thus seeing the same program that was utilized during the onset of the Covid agenda, being run yet again. For those that don’t see it, are they captured by the narrative yet again? And at what cost? For the cost of War is great. I suppose as is the case with all faulty narratives that are propagated upon, lies, deception and propaganda, there will be more opportunity to wake up to the realities that we face collectively.

Will it take collective suffering on a global scale for the masses to see what is truly playing out? I have concern that it will. We live in a “On-demand Comfort Culture” which of course is by design, keeping people under the spell of mass consumerism and identity politics, those two topics have even combined these days, people are consuming and consumed by identity.

I do have hope though, i am personally witnessing a return to the old ways, that remembering of where we began…we are reconnecting with our food supply, our land, our ability to sustain ourselves and the recognition of the importance of community. We must continue to resist the downward pull, they ultimately seek to divide us, and this yet another attempt to weaponize the divide. A divided people are an easily controlled people.

Ill end with a quote

“It is usually the roughest road that leads to the heights of greatness.” ― Ziad K. Abdelnour

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