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You know that black pill you've been chewing on for the last couple year? You need to spit it out. On my flight home from the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute I was re-reading the book The Alchemist, which last I read like 15 years ago. There were a couple quotes that really stood out to me, I'm gonna share them with you here and then go into this Pill metaphor that they got me to thinking about.

"My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer,"the boy told the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself"

and also

"Most people see the world as a threatening place, and, because they do, the world turns out, indeed, to be a threatening place"

For those that are unaware of the Pill metaphor terminology, I'll explain a little. Most know about the red and blue pill. This gained popularity in the movie the Matrix, but the last couple years it really found it's way into the popular dialogue. The blue pill symbolizes living in the contrived reality of the Matrix, where one actually believes that the government/medicine/pharma has their best interests at heart, and basically believes the many layers of lies that construct the mainstream perception of reality.

The Red Pill symbolizes a continual waking consciousness state, notice I say continual which is to differentiate it from the "woke" narratives. If you believe with a certainty you have reached the final conclusion and there are no more questions, well then you my friend mistook that blue pill for the red. I like to say Always waking, never woke. This isn't to say there are not things we know with a certainty, I think some certainty is essential as it forms the basis for our morals and values. I think certainty is how we establish Faith for examples. Swallowing the red pill

breaks open your self created echo chamber, which can bring about a lot of dissolution of the ego. There are two types of red pills, the soft and the hard. The soft is more of a gentle approach, the person starts to realize truths but they don't necessarily let it rock their foundational core. Often these are the types with their foot in both worlds. I know people like this, for example they recognize the very destructive nature of identity politics yet they still play along in the popular culture, maybe because they fear being canceled. I personally find this approach lacking of integrity but that's just my take, and I am more of a hard pill kinda guy.

The hard pill, is the one that is a bit tough to swallow, yet you proceed and the process that follows often is not the most pleasant. Generally this hard pill involves a lot of loss. I think this loss is a natural part of rocking your foundational core, especially if you have had a fairly cohesive self reinforced life up to that point. This is also a path of rapid transformation. On the other end of this red pill you may be a different person in a lot of ways. You may have a complete 180 in your belief systems of which you have navigated from with certainty up to that point.

Fostering new connections with community that aligns wit

h your new foundational values is an essential part of the healing that occurs as you come out the other side.

Then we come to the black pill. Both the red and blue pills can turn black. Although I think the blue-black path is soul crushing, and sadly that has become the path of the blue pill in many ways, especially for the obedient people that have let themselves be the toxic covid vaccine agenda of total control/masks for dehumanization. The black pill is when a person starts self reinforcing with all the worst possible outcomes, complete doom and gloom. There is so much information available that is dire, dark and fearbased, it can be very easy to get sucked down this rabbit hole. The black pill is also when people play right in to the weaponized narratives of division.

Ultimately no matter the starting point the black pill is what they want you to swallow. They want you miserable, fearful, and depressed because then you are that much easier to control. This control is not a right or left issue either, this is the type of control that is sought to subjugate your soul. That may sound hyperbolic but I think its true. It is the opposite of Love. Love is, and always will be the answer. God is love, and you are an expression of that divine love.

That we call the White Pill.