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What is the Vessel?

The Vessel is located on the second floor of the historical Maltby School house directly across the parking lot from the Maltby Cafe. You can find our private members entrance at the North east corner of the building, up the stairs. The Vessel is a space for community gatherings centered around ideas of health, wellness, sovereignty, and freedom. The space has been created intentionally to bring a sense of calm, and harken back to the older days of the apothecary. We are a collective of creative individuals bringing together our alchemy, artistic creations, herbal formulas, and pure stone jewelry. We teach classes focused on health, wellness, breathwork, survival, alchemy and so much more. 


the Evolution


The Era of Conscious Sovereign Living is Here.

We have witnessed the world divided, and an ever more peculiar time in history as much more is revealed as to the control nature of popular culture and the appropriation of the counter culture in an attempt to weaponize it for ultimate control. This has created a true counter culture movement that is focused on freedom, community, natural immunity and a going back to the old ways. A Return if you will, or a remembering. We seek connection more than ever, with each other, with our food, and with our land. 


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